Support Buddies Program


ONLINE STORE (Open until May 28)


Phone volunteers will call their phone buddies on a regular basis. Volunteers will check-in, chat with their buddies and offer resource support and recommendations as needed. 



Meals provided by a variety of local restaurants and Age Well. Currently there is no recommended donation amount. Meat and vegetarian options available, but we are not able to offer a list of specific meal options; we are all trying to get out many meals as quickly as possible.  


A variety of donated groceries (already sorted and bagged) from Hannaford and City Market, available Thursday mornings for pick-up (11:00am - Noon) or delivery (until the end of June). Quantity and availability will vary.  

  • Meals and pre-bagged groceries are available Thursday for delivery (through June) or pick-up (11:30am – 12:30). 

  • To reserve your pre-bagged groceries and/or meals, call Adele before noon on Wednesdays at 863-3982 Ext 1. 

Volunteers will deliver orders outside recipient’s residence following strict VT Department of Health and CDC safety protocols. Volunteers wear masks and badges to identify themselves.   

Volunteer Buddies

We are looking for volunteers to offer homebound seniors phone check-ins, be pen pals, and/or provide phone tech support for Zoom, basic smart phone questions, online orders, etc